Splines/Spline Shafts

If you’re in the industrial or aircraft industries, you know the importance of using high-quality splines and spline shafts to ensure the best results for your parts. Tracey Gear & Precision Shaft is a shaft manufacturer and trusted supplier specializing in providing superior splines and spline shafts crafted efficiently and precisely. 

Whether you’re looking for small-diameter couplings or industrial-sized machine parts, we have the perfect solution that can fit any need or budget. Trust their expertise to get long-lasting performance from all your machined components!

What are Splines/Spline Shafts and their importance?

Splines are a special type of mechanical component that is used to join two rotating parts together. They are typically either shafts or hubs with ridges carved out of them and serve as both an adjustment feature and a secure connection between the surfaces. 

The spline allows for angular motion when connected while providing stability during operation. This makes them an essential part of many machines, motors, and other equipment requiring precision. 

Spline shafts are incredibly strong and capable of transferring high torque levels without failure. 

Types of Splines

Splines come in many shapes and sizes, each designed for specific applications. Here is an overview of commonly used types

  1. Parallel Key (Straight-Sided) Spline: This type of spline consists of parallel grooves cut into the shafts that engage with keyways machined on the mating surfaces. It’s typically used for slow-speed, heavy-load applications, connecting power inputs and output devices. 
  2. Internal Involute Spline: This design helps evenly distribute the load, making it ideal for high-speed and light loads applications. 
  3. Crowned Splines: Crowned splines feature a convex-shaped outer surface to create an uneven pressure distribution between two mating parts. This spline type is best suited for applications with high radial loads, such as gearboxes or pumps.
  4. Serrations: Serrated spline consist of parallel grooves cut into male and female components, which engage when mated together. 

Benefits of Splines/Spline Shafts

Splines are a valuable tool in engineering, providing an effective way to join two pieces or components. They provide numerous benefits, such as: 

Strength and Reliability

Splines offer a strong connection between two pieces designed to endure heavy loads. This makes them particularly useful for applications involving rotary motion and torque transfer. Plus, due to their internal shape design, splines can reduce stress concentrations in the components they connect. 

Ease of Assembly/Disassembly

Another benefit of splines is their ability to quickly and easily connect two pieces without any special tools or equipment. This allows for fast assembly and disassembly of components with minimal effort and time investment.  

Accurate Alignment

Splines are designed to ensure accurate alignment between two pieces during assembly. By eliminating any misalignment or play in the connection, splines provide a more precise and efficient joint that helps optimize performance in applications requiring rotary motion. 

High-Quality Splines/Spline Shafts at Tracey Gear & Precision Shaft

Spline shafts are an important component in manufacturing many machines and vehicles because they provide a strong connection between parts and allow them to move with greater accuracy. 

Tracey Gear & Precision Shaft consistently manufactures high-quality splined shafts that meet your expectations every time. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction no matter the application required for shaft manufacturing, so contact us today for more information about our vast capabilities and products.

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