Pump & Valve Manufacturers

At Tracey Gear & Precision Shaft, we understand that the precision of parts is vital to the pump and valve manufacturing industry. Having extensive experience in the industry and an intuitive understanding of our customers’ needs, we ensure customer satisfaction on all projects.

Expertise Tailored for the Pump & Valve Manufacturing Industry

The pump and valve sectors demand the utmost accuracy and reliability in every component. Tracey Gear & Precision Shaft meets that challenge with facilities housing the latest in technology and machinery to meet and exceed your most exacting standards.

Precision CNC Thread Grinding Services

Thread grinding represents one of the most precise methods to machine accurate threading essential for high-performing pump and valve systems. Our CNC thread grinding process utilizes advanced CNC equipment to meticulously control the grinding wheel’s shape and movement. With an entire division dedicated to thread grinding services, we leverage cutting-edge technology and the expertise of our skilled personnel to deliver unparalleled results.

Our machines are adept at producing many types of threads, including worms, UNC and ISO threads, ACME threads (including multiple start ACME), and buttress threads. Our proficiency extends to both hardened and unhardened grades of steel.

Comprehensive CNC Turning and Milling

Our CNC milling and turning services stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence in manufacturing precision parts and components. Equipped with vertical machining and high-capacity turning centers, we tailor our programming to meet customer-specific requirements while achieving high quality and precision

The advantages of our CNC turning and milling services include:

  • The ability to produce high-precision and accurately detailed parts, essential for the pump and valve manufacturing industry.
  • Cost-effectiveness for both one-off prototypes and medium-volume production runs.
  • Easy storage and modification of programs for future reference or adjustments.
  • A higher degree of automation that enhances efficiency and reduces manual errors.
  • Extended tool life, resulting in lower costs and increased sustainability.
  • The capability to mass-produce products with consistent quality and precision.

Why Choose Tracey Gear & Precision Shaft?

Choosing Tracey Gear & Precision Shaft is to team up with the leader in custom shaft and gear manufacturing. We understand the subtleties, challenges, and requirements of the pump and valve manufacturing industry. Our expertise combined with the shortest possible turnaround capability, makes sure your projects are not only finished in time but also with quality and precision at the forefront.

Let’s Collaborate on Your Next Project

We invite all companies within the pump and valve manufacturing industry to reach out to us with their individual manufacturing needs and discuss how we can assist them best. We are ready to undertake projects of differing sizes and complexities, making sure all are conducted with quality and precision at a level far beyond your expectations. Whether it’s CNC thread grinding or CNC milling and turning services, we’re at your disposal.

Your partnership with Tracey Gear & Precision Shaft ensures a future built on precision, reliability, and excellence.