Precision Production Tools


Tracey Gear & Precision Shaft bought its first Mastercam license nearly 30 years ago to assist in programming 3 CNC lathes.

Today, Mastercam is used extensively with all of our lathes and machining centers. Using Mastercam in conjunction with our standard setup sheets gives our machinists the flexibility to run a given job on multiple machines based on current capacity loading.

Mastercam allows us to standardize programming across a number of different controls. With the network version, our machinist is able to access their programs via multiple PC’s on the shop floor. Additionally, all programs are stored on a server and backed up nightly to ensure the security of our proven CNC programs.

We encourage our customers to provide us with CAD files (DWG, SLD*, MC*, IGS, IGES, etc.) in order to increase accuracy and reduce lead time for your job.

Management Software

Tracey Gear is committed to continuously improving our business through the use of the latest technology. Tracey Gear uses the E2 Shop System to manage all aspects of the business.

By using E2 as our fully integrated shop management software program, we know that we are providing the best possible service to our customers. We are able to get you up to the minute status of your job, give you information on past order and quote history, track all quality related issues or anything else that you need! Using E2 in conjunction with our ISO 9001 Quality System guarantees you that nothing will fall through the cracks.