Bronze Gear Set for the Machinery Manufacturing Industry

Since we are an experienced ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of high-quality gears, a company in Colorado involved in machinery manufacturing contracted with us to supply them with the matched set of bronze anti-backlash gears highlighted here. We manufactured and assembled this gear set with precise dimensional accuracy to ensure the proper clearances for eliminating backlash and achieving precise control in their machinery application.

The material of construction is AMPCO 18 aluminum bronze. AMPCO 18, also known as C95400, is commonly used in machinery for gears and worm wheels due to its sliding properties, wear and fatigue resistance, and toughness. Production of this matched gear set consisted of a sequence of operations carried out on multiple pieces of equipment. In addition to CNC gear hobbing, processes included CNC milling, surface grinding, deburring and serialized part marking. We also performed CNC grinding to attain close dimensional tolerances and the desired surface qualities. Once completed, our technicians properly aligned the parts and assembled them in sets.

At numerous checkpoints, we executed a series of quality inspections, including visual inspection and dial bore gauging, to ensure dimensional accuracy per the customer’s quality requirements. We also verified the part marking was correct. Manufactured to AGMA 11 standards, this anti-backlash gear set featured a diametral pitch of 10, 5.1983” OD, and pressure angle of 20°. With our state-of-the-art gear manufacturing equipment and skilled production team, we upheld dimensional tolerances of ±0.00025” and angular tolerances of ±0.5°.

As a full-service manufacturer we provide gears produced as components of complete assemblies, or as standalone products. This flexibility has given us the opportunity to provide varying levels of services to our customers. If you are interested in learning more about the gear manufacturing techniques we used to produce this anti-backlash gear set, or have questions about any of our other services and capabilities, contact us today.

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Bronze Gear Set Project Highlights:

Project Name & Description

Matched Set of Bronze Anti-Backlash Gears

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Surface Grinding

ID Grinding
OD Grinding

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

CNC Turning, Milling, Hobbing and Grinding

Overall Part Dimensions

Norm. Dia Pitch: 10
Norm OD: 5.1983”
Norm. Press. Angle: 20°

Tightest Tolerances

+/- 0.00025”
Angle: +/- 0.5°

Material Used

AMPCO 18 Aluminum Bronze Rectangular

Industry for Use

Machinery Manufacturing

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed

AGMA Gear Quality
Tooth Alignment to Milled Holes
Verified Part Mark

Surface Finish
Visual Inspection
Dial Bore Gage

Delivery Location

Colorado, USA

Standards Met

AGMA Standards
ISO 9001