Idler Sprocket for the Machinery Manufacturing Industry


With our reputation among machine builders as a manufacturer of precision, high-performing products, Tracey Gear & Precision Shaft has fulfilled orders from companies all over the world. In this example we worked with a well-known European machine manufacturer to produce the link idler sprocket highlighted here. This project posed a number of challenges; the design includes tight tolerances and a high level of complex details that would require multiple machining processes, as well as precision grinding.

This modified 24 tooth, 1.5 Pitch, 0.867” roll sprocket was manufactured with only 12 teeth. The outside diameter of this 12 tooth design is 12.403”. Other features include six through holes with ¼-20 thread, and three 0.75” deep holes also with ¼-20 thread, all of which had to be produced to tolerances of ±0.005”. Additionally, 45° chamfers were required along many of the edges. The machining processes required to complete this product include turning and extensive milling, surface and ID grinding were also key elements of production. Dimensional accuracy and overall quality checks were performed throughout all machining processes. Our production team is guided by a robust quality program; in this case our own comprehensive gear inspection procedure was utilized to ensure 100% conformance to the customer’s drawings.

By manufacturing products such as this that exhibit a very high caliber of quality, we earn the trust of our customers, who rely on us to supply them with superior parts within strict deadlines. To learn more about the processes involved in manufacturing this idler sprocket assembly, contact us directly.

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Idler Sprocket Assembly Project Highlights:

Project Name & Description
Idler Sprocket Assembly
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Milling & Turning
Face Grinding
ID Grinding
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Overall Part Dimensions
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
Industry for Use
Machinery Manufacturing
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Performed Tracey Gear Inspection Procedure: 8.2.4.
Verified all steps completed
Part Marking
Delivery Location