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4 Axis Milling Capacity up to 20'' x 60'' x 25''

Bevel Gear

At Tracey Gear & Precision Shaft, all of our milling machines are Vertical Milling machines, both CNC and manual.

CNC vertical Milling machines are similar to a drill press in that the tool moves vertically (z-axis) to engage the workpeice. The advantage of the milling machine is that the workpiece is able to move horizontally (x & y-axes) as well. With the addition of our rotary tables, we are able to rotate the part creating a 4th axis.

This allows the milling machine to perform the following functions: drill & tap holes in any pattern (grid, boltcircle, etc.), slot, flat, & keyway cutting, and routing.

We commonly mill parts on our CNC and manual vertical Milling machines in Steel, Stainless, Bronze, Aluminum, Cast Iron, Nylon, & Fiber. Send us your requirements.

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